Zdenko Domančić

He started with his training programmes two decades ago. His scholars come from all over the world. The training is grounded on a wish to make the performance of his method close to all people who are interested in the method.

Method of Bioenergy - What To Expect

We recommend a course of at least four sessions to allow imbalances to be cleared. Everyone is different and some may require more sessions.

You relax while the therapist carries out a specific protocol for your manifested ailment or you may receive a general wellness treatment. Sessions can last 15-20 minutes or longer depending of the protocol required. There is little or no pressure on the body making it ideal for treating all ages and conditions, sometimes hands are held away from the body or directly on the body.

More detailed information on our website at www.bioenergyshifts.weebly.com.

Special Offer - Road to Wellness Package

We offer a “Road to Wellness” relaxation package. Stay with us at Basset Cottage B&B for 3 or 4 nights bed and breakfast during the week for just £70 per room per night (based on 2 sharing) and receive your four Domančić Bioenergy treatments. Make a real break of it and feel great and relaxed on your return home.

To find out more contact 07514 258694 or fill in our enquiries form to book your accommodation.